What our patients say about us

"Amazing Dr., incredibly thorough, helpful, friendly"

Amazing Dr., incredibly thorough, helpful, friendly and does not rush a visit. Always looking out for what’s best for the patient and doesn’t use a product that is outdated or that is less efficient. I have been coming here for at least five years, and always learn something new. Highly recommend H Optics and Dr. Clinton Ho.

"Dr. Ho was incredibly kind, thorough, and respectful"

Dr. Ho was incredibly kind, thorough, and respectful. I also appreciated the educational components of my visit. Receptionists are very nice women as well. One woman helped me pick my glasses and I ended up going with her recommendation. Overall great visit.

"What a great experience"

What a great experience, came here as a first time patient, the staff was very welcoming and helpful! There was no wait time what so ever. I did an exam and contact lens fitting (first time) and was taught how to apply and remove them by one of his assistants within 15 mins. I was sent with a trial pack of contacts to test between two brands, and ordered my preferred brand during my 2 week follow up. They offered me a rebate to get money back and also gave me contacts to last me until I received my yearly supply!! Thank you guys so much :)

"Dr Ho is incredibly thorough"

Dr Ho is incredibly thorough and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great eye doctor. Great friendly service.

"The extended hours are great!"

The extended hours are great! I really appreciate the office hours as it accommodated my busy schedule. Doctors and staff were friendly and were able to fit me in between patients.

"Dr. Ho is an eye saver"

Dr. Ho is an eye saver. Smart is a given, but he cares and he is in it for the long haul, he's thinking about the life long health of your eyes. I've been going to him for years and my eye deterioration has slowed SIGNIFICANTLY. The best! 💛

"First time coming "

First time coming here and expected to wait a bit; paperwork and insurance approvals were fast. Dr. Ho is a very thorough optometrist and takes his time with you while empowering you about your eye health. A nice selection of frames but not overwhelming, either. Definitely recommend!

"Dr was patient, kind and answered"

Dr was patient, kind and answered all my questions truthfully. Team was up front about cost and very friendly.

"Dr. Ho is very knowledgeable and passionate"

Dr. Ho is very knowledgeable and passionate about eyes, and I love that! Booking an appointment was easy and the staff were friendly. I don't know why it took me 4 years until making this my go-to eye doctor.

"Best eye doctor in nyc"

Best eye doctor in nyc - thorough, professional, friendly, affordable, and easy to get ahold of and schedule.

"Dr Ho is great"

Dr Ho is great. I hadn't had my eyes checked in 4 years so my eyesight had changed significantly and he totally nailed my prescription. I can now see near, far and everything in between. You can tell Dr Ho has a passion for eye care and genuinely cares about helping you see better.

"Appt was very quick,"

My appt was very quick, not much of a wait at all. Came for a general eye exam, Dr. Ho was pleasant, knowledgeable and placed a great emphasis on patient education which was helpful. He was very thorough and he also values your time too. Definitely would recommend him! I was also recommended here by my friend and I'm glad I came. The front desk consisted of two staff members, one of the staff didn't seem too enthusiastic but was straight to the point. Overall not a bad place!

"Dr. Ho is great at explaining to patients"

Dr. Ho is great at explaining to patients everything he's doing, while he's doing it, so you'll learn a lot about eye health in just a few minutes with him! (With most docs, you just sit through an appointment in silence and never learn why or how they're doing each test.) You can tell he genuinely loves what he does and cares about his patients. It's easy to schedule an appointment over the phone (Don't bother emailing, they don't seem to check), plus they're open on Saturdays which is a huge plus. Last available appointment Mon.-Sat. is at 3:30 PM. Costs are clear and can be explained over the phone.

"Perfect mix of NY efficiency and quality healthcare"

Perfect mix of NY efficiency and quality healthcare. Very well oiled machine who are upfront with costs. Dr Ho was quick but personable. I walked out with a much greater understanding of my eyes and their characteristics. Amazing how no other optometrist had ever given me this level of detail. Strongly recommended.

"Dr. Ho is such a good doctor!"

Dr. Ho is such a good doctor! I have a special eye condition and he makes sure he really takes the time to address all of my concerns. You can tell Dr. Ho really wants to help you and is super nice too!

"So happy with my appointment"

I made an appointment here because of the reviews and am so happy with my appointment today I have to leave one too! Dr Ho and his staff are friendly, he is very knowledgeable, and patient and explains everything to you along the way. Also leaves room for questions or concerns with no rush to get you out of office. Such a good visit, definitely will be back.

"Extremely professional, nice, and thorough -- all qualities"

I used to live directly next to H Optics and went to Dr. Ho several times with various eye issues. He was extremely professional, nice, and thorough -- all qualities you'd hope for in an optometrist. I wear contacts and suffer from dry eyes, so he would explain what was happening and different plans of attack. He always seemed insightful and passionate about eye health. Appointments never felt rushed and I usually left with an array of products and samples to try out. Even though I've since moved and don't go here anymore, I would highly recommend H Optics for anyone living in the area. I'm convinced Dr. Ho is one of the best optometrists in the city.

"Dr Ho is super friendly"

If you haven't had an eye exam in awhile, this is the spot. Dr Ho is super friendly and explains what's going on carefully. Have to admit, I kinda geeked out and learned cool stuff about my own eyes. He will be my go-to optometrist. No insurance, very reasonable fee.

"The location is small but extremely clean and trendy"

The location is small but extremely clean and trendy, the receptionists were nice, and dr.clinton was so energetic and EXTREMELY knowledgeable and nice! Felt like I was having a conversation with a real good friend. I will definitely be recommending to all my friends!

"Great eye doctor"

Great eye doctor - extremely knowledgeable about contact lens products for dry eye--turns out I was using the wrong contact lens that was drying out my eye and not optimizing oxygen/moisture--there was a better product on the market-- my old eye doctor knew nothing about. This Dr has more experience than most with eye disorders.